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Welcome to Monument Pharmacy

Colorado Pharmacy

Since 1995, our Colorado compounding pharmacy has specialized in compounding veterinary and human medications tailored to individual needs by customizing prescription strength, dosage form, palatability, and other factors on a patient-by-patient basis. Learn more about Monument for Vets & Pets Learn more about Monument for People

Strict Quality Assurance

Compounding Pharmacy

Our pharmacists and technicians strictly adhere to all federal and Colorado state regulations for compounding pharmacies, and we source our ingredients solely from United States, FDA-licensed suppliers. When it comes to specialized compounds, we are here for your human or veterinary pharmacy needs. Learn more

Why Might You Need a Compounding Pharmacy?

Commercially available pharmaceuticals fit the needs of most human and veterinary patients, but sometimes individualized drug therapy might help when the patient cannot or will not take the medication as manufactured. An adjustment in palatability, strength, or delivery form -- by prescription through a compounding pharmacy -- might resolve dosing problems. For patients with allergies or sensitivities to fillers, colors, and other additives, a compounding pharmacy can often, by Rx, reformulate the medication without irritating inactive ingredients. With record levels of drug shortages, practitioners and hospitals may encounter back-orders or manufacturer discontinuations of medications which are prescribed to patients for home use or of pharmaceuticals used for in-patient or out-patient procedures. For all of these reasons, a compounding pharmacy stands ready to assist.

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We are honored that you have chosen our pharmacy for your compounding needs and thank you for the confidence you have placed in our services.

We strive to provide the best customer service experience possible so that the health care provider, our pharmacy, and the patient can sustain a mutually beneficial relationship. If we ever fall short of this goal, please call us as soon as possible at 719-481-2209 or toll-free 800-595-7565. That way we can quickly address any concerns to your satisfaction.

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