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Compounding Pharmacy for Wyoming

For patients with prescription drug dosing problems in the Equality State – as well as 15 other states – the professionals at Monument Pharmacy stand ready to prepare tailor-made pharmaceuticals that might promote the desired healthcare outcome. Based in neighboring Colorado, since 1995 we have been proud to offer our prescription compounding services to human and veterinary patients as a compounding pharmacy for Wyoming.

How might human patients benefit from prescription compounding? For foul-tasting drugs, palatability enhancement might help to ease dosing. Sometimes the route of administration is problematic. Changing an oral medication from a tablet to another oral form like a liquid suspension might help – or re-routing it altogether, such as to a transdermal gel that is applied to the skin. Drug shortages may mean that the preferred FDA-approved pharmaceutical therapy is unavailable – except if a compounding pharmacy makes the back-ordered or manufacturer-discontinued medication by individual prescription order. Sometimes a custom strength is needed because the commercially available drug is too strong or too weak – or comes in an unscored tablet that is impossible to divide accurately. Last but not least, there may be an inactive ingredient, filler, or dye to which the patient is allergic or intolerant – like gluten, for example.

Humans don’t have a monopoly on dosing difficulties, however. Veterinary patients sometimes cannot or will not take their prescribed medication, and a compounding pharmacy can assist non-food animals by prescription. Among the most frequently requested veterinary compounds we prepare are cyclosporine eye drops, diethylstilbestrol (DES) Tasty Mini Tabs, and various forms of metronidazole.

For human and veterinary customized pharmaceuticals, Monument Pharmacy an exceptional choice for filling your compounded prescriptions. As a compounding pharmacy for Wyoming, we offer fast-and-free 1st-class shipping and friendly customer service and will also beat others’ compound prices by 10%. Simply let us know what you are paying or quoted elsewhere. Additionally, we strictly adhere to federal and state compounding regulations. Our technicians and pharmacists work with state-of-the-art compounding equipment, and we use ingredients from FDA-inspected suppliers to better ensure our compounds’ potency and stability.

Per FDA guidelines, Monument Pharmacy makes no claims of efficacy regarding its compounded medications. A valid prescription from a licensed practitioner is required for dispensing, and compounds are prohibited for food animals. Contact us today to learn more about our compounding pharmacy for Wyoming by calling 1-800-595-7565 or online at