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Monument Pharmacy: Trusted Veterinary Pharmacy Partner of Humane Societies, Wildlife Rehabilitation Centers, Zoos, Animal Owners and Pet Parents since 1995

veterinary pharmacyTried to pill a cat lately? Then you know the challenges of pharmaceutical noncompliance – when a patient refuses to take medication, or makes dosing nearly impossible, or simply cannot take the pharmaceutical of choice in its commercially available form. Our veterinary pharmacy compounding services are not limited to finicky felines, however. We help all kinds of critters large and small, except for food and food-producing animals due to federal- and state-mandated compounding prohibitions.

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There are lots of options that animal owners and handlers can explore with their veterinarians in consultation with the Colorado pet pharmacy specialists at Monument Pharmacy. A noncompliant patient might benefit from one or more of the following: alteration or tweaking of route of adminstration, an unavailable yet FDA-approved pharmaceutical, a customized strength, palatability enhancement or removal of allergens/irritants.

Alteration or tweaking of route of administration: Think about the cat that won’t take a pill. Trying to force the medication is traumatic for the cat and the pet parent. This is where a veterinary pharmacy can come into play. Perhaps a palatable oral suspension with tuna or fish flavor would go down more easily. Or avoiding the oral route altogether, maybe a transdermal gel rubbed inside the cat’s ear would make dosing much less difficult. There are many dosage forms available depending on the compound, including but not limited to oral suspensions, capsules, palatable powders, transdermal gels, chewable animal treats, ophthalmics, and injectables.

Unavailable yet FDA-approved pharmaceutical: Sometimes the drug that an animal needs is on temporary backorder or has been discontinued by the manufacturer. If the FDA has not pulled the pharmaceutical from the market AND if Monument Pharmacy can procure the ingredients and “recipe" for the medication, then Monument Pharmacy might be able compound that drug while it’s off the commercial market.

veterinary pharmacyCustomized strength: Commercially available strengths of pharmaceuticals do not fit all patients. For example, a tiny bird, rodent, or dog might need a much smaller dose than is offered on the market. Likewise a horse, gorilla, or elephant might need a much larger strength than is commercially available. In some instances, pet parents and veterinary techs try unsuccessfully to split an unscored tablet, yielding an inaccurate dose. A compounding pharmacy can provide custom compounded strengths might help in these situations.

Palatability enhancement: Sometimes a patient refuses to take a medication because it tastes bitter or metallic – or just plain icky. Monument Pharmacy has a wide array of palatable options for oral suspensions. Just let us know what flavor your pet prefers!

colorado pet pharmacyRemoval of allergens/irritants: Occasionally there are inactive ingredients in commercially available pharmaceuticals that are problematic for the patient. For example, a dog with a skin rash might experience further irritation if the topical cream prescribed has an irritant in the cream base. Our Colorado pet pharmacy can often reformulate medications to eliminate allergens and irritants.

Contact us to learn more about our veterinary pharmacy services and what we may be able to do for your pet medication needs.


"I appreciate the friendly and knowledgeable help and service Monument Pharmacy has provided, not only to our clients and clinic but for me personally with my own dog's needs. Thank you Monument Pharmacy." -- Robin Marcus, CVT, of All Pets Center in Grand Junction CO

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