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USP Guidelines Summary
Colorado Pharmacy Statutes, Rules & Regulations

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Monument Pharmacy helps licensed human & veterinary practitioners with prescriptive authority to solve pharmaceutical compliance problems, tailoring therapies to individual patient needs. Commercially available pharmaceuticals help most patients who are in need of drug therapy, but sometimes individuals need specially formulated medications for one or more of the following reasons.

Palatability: Enhancing palatability to heighten compliance (taste, texture, scent, or color).

Frequently Requested Flavors for Palatable Compounds:

Monument Pharmacy has the following oil and water based flavors available below.
Oil-Based Flavors
Fish, Beef, Tangerine, Bacon, Grape, Chicken, Liver, Tutti Frutti, Cherry, Peanut Butter, Caviar
Water-Based Flavors
Apple, Banana, Cherry, Bubble Gum, Beef, Bacon, Raspberry, Chicken, Tutti Frutti, Liver, Tuna Base, Vanilla, Grape, Watermelon, Orange, Chocolate, Peanut Butter.
If you are looking for another flavor, please contact us about feasibility.

Route of Administration: Fine-tuning or changing the route of administration to make dosing easier, to potentially avoid side effect(s), and/or provide local versus systemic action.

Off Market but FDA Approved: Compounding a pharmaceutical that is on temporary back-order or is manufacturer discontinued, as long as (1) said pharmaceutical is still FDA approved, (2) distributers have no residual inventory, (3) the formula and ingredients are available to compounding pharmacies, and (4) no manufacturer has resumed production of said pharmaceutical.

Strength: Altering strength for dosing sensitivity, height/weight proportion, and/or possibly different therapeutic effect at commercially unavailable strength.

Elimination of Allergens and/or Irritants: Reformulating to eliminate inactive ingredients that are irritants and/or allergens.